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  • Design of an industrial biofuel boiler plant on wood chips with a capacity of 18 MW
Construction type: Construction of a new boiler plant, design of a biofuel boiler plant on chips
Scope of work: Construction of a new boiler plant, on the existing territory of the boiler plant "Group", to provide heat energy in the form of hot water for heating and hot water supply in Cherven.
Object: “Optimization of the heat supply system in Cherven with the construction of a new heat source on the basis of the“ Group ”boiler plant.
Location: Cherven city, Republic of Belarus

The general contractor has started construction of the object "Optimization of the heat supply system in the city of Cherven with the construction of a new heat source based on the Gruppovaya boiler plant"

Our design institute was tasked with performing a full range of works for the implementation of an industrial boiler plant project in BIM 3D.

The fuel of the projected boiler plant is adopted: main mode - MW (wood chips); peak mode - natural gas.

The project provides for the following equipment:

• two hot water boilers VHB 5000 with a Calidum Ember 6000 furnace manufactured by Enerstena (Lithuania) on local fuels (wood chips) - with a capacity of 5 MW each and installation of one VHB 2000 hot water boiler with a Calidum Ember 2500 furnace manufactured by Enerstena (Lithuania) - with a capacity 2MW;
• to cover peak winter loads, as well as in the event of an accident and failure of boilers using local fuels, the project provides for the installation of two hot-water gas boilers GM-HHB 3000 manufactured by Enerstena (Lithuania) complete with a burner EK EVO 7.3600 GE / VT3 manufactured "ELCO" (Switzerland) - thermal capacity of 3 MW each;
• to increase the efficiency of the boiler plant, it is envisaged to install one common condensing economizer CEB 1896 on solid fuel boilers, with a nominal power of 1896 kW and for each gas hot water boiler - a condensing economizer CEB 189, with a nominal power of 189 kW;
• water treatment plant;
• fuel supply of the "living bottom" type with a consumable fuel storage with a volume of 100m3;
• wood chip storage shed (MVT) with a storage volume of 1500m3;
• installation of one chimney for MW boilers and individual chimneys for natural gas boilers;
• a complete set of auxiliary equipment, allowing to realize the uninterrupted operation of this boiler plant.

The boiler plant was commissioned in 2020.

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