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  • Design and estimate documentation of the energy center
Construction type: Construction of the Energy Center
Scope of work: Development of design and working documentation
Object: Construction of a heat and power plant on husk for power supply and heat supply of sugar and oil factories of LLC "Kristall" in the city of Kirsanovo.
Location: Russian Federation

Turbopar Design Institute has completed two stages of development of design and working documentation for a TPP on husk for power supply and heat supply to the sugar and butter factories of Kristall in Kirsanovo. A positive expert opinion on this project has been received.

The energy center is designed to provide factories with electricity, steam and hot water.

Electric power: 48 MW;
Steam capacity: up to 440 t / h;
Complexity category of the object: V category for each of the stages; Main fuel: Natural gas, husk; Emergency Fuel: Diesel;

Composition of the designed equipment:

First stage:

2 turbine generators of the PR type (back pressure with industrial take-off) with a total electrical power of 16 MW, voltage of 6.3 kV with auxiliary equipment.

2 Steam boilers with a steam capacity of 160t / h each

Second stage:

Turbogenerator type P (condensing turbine with industrial extraction) with electric power 16MW, voltage 6.3kV with all auxiliary equipment.

4 Steam boilers with a steam capacity of 30t / h, steam pressure 3.9MPa (excess), steam temperature 440C

At the request of the Customer, design documentation was developed using information modeling (BIM) technologies. The BIM level of detail is LOD 300-350.