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Steel Structures Design

Steel structure design puts together the steel fittings (for tension) and concrete (for compression). The combination of these materials enables the balance of the structure and its correct position. Steel structures are common for most large construction projects.

Our offer

Our company can carry out steel structures design of various purpose and complexity. Steel structure are highly strong and durable if their design and calculations have been made properly.

Specific features of steel structures design

Concrete and steel are used to build not only conventional structures, but also special-purpose structures, i.e., bridges, hydroelectric plants, dams, etc.

Steel structures ensure the strength of the building and safety of people so it is highly important that they meet all operational requirements and have a long fatigue life.

The coefficient of safety, durability and strength of structures are dependent on the characteristics of concrete and mortar admixtures. Other parameters such as frost resistance, density, waterproofness are essential too. A design project takes into account all these parameters and includes the following stages:

  • Laboratory test results, quality conformity test
  • Selection of the appropriate grade of concrete based on temperature conditions in the region
  • Calculation of dimensional stability and maximum load, damage by precipitation
  • Approval of standard documentation, obtaining a construction permit

Types of steel structures

The types of concrete include lightweight, hollow and heavyweight. The heavyweight concrete is used for large structures, lightweight concrete is used to make partitions and walls. Hollow concrete is good for making building blocks for small structures.

When designing a steel structure, you must take into account that concrete has high thermal conductivity, so heat insulation must be provided. The design engineers also make allowance for the concrete shrinkage which usually occurs within the first 2-3 years.

When are steel structures designed?

The design project of a steel structure must accompany the construction estimates, the documents to be sent to the customers, the scheme of connection to the communication network, the commissioning of the building, etc.

An important part of the design project is the determination of characteristics of the building foundation. 

It must take into account the following factors:

  • Ground features.
  • Underground waters.
  • Architectural features
  • Methods of construction
  • Foundation load

Why us?

Our engineers thoroughly plan all stages of the design project and strongly observe all SNiP (construction norms and regulations) and GOST requirements. We will deliver a comprehensive project which contains all necessary drawings, technical specification, cost estimate, etc. On your request we provide assistance in obtaining the approval by appropriate authorities.

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