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Design of 10-300 MW steam boilers and boiler plants

We can design steam boilers, industrial and heating boiler plants of 10-300MW power capacity.

Example project: design of steam boiler, BMA Russland LLC, 75 t/h

The Turbopar Design Institute can design industrial boiler plants widely used in city infrastructure and production facilities. Our design engineers have extensive experience of designing projects of various complexity and scope. We design industrial boiler plants that are powered by the following types of fuel:

  • hull;
  • waste;
  • peat;
  • wood chips;
  • biofuel, poultry manure;
  • coal.

Industrial boiler plants are widely demanded by agriculture, construction industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

Specific features of design

Our engineers design a steam boiler project which involves technical and economic justification and technical specification. They carefully monitor the procedures of designer supervision and industrial expertise. At the initial stage of the design project they collect necessary data, i.e., customer’s requirements, area of the industrial premises, technical parameters. Steam boiler projects are made as IFC files (BIM 3D), AutoCAD drawings, process flow diagrams.

  • Mechanical annex;
  • Executive summary;
  • Water treatment;
  • Heat insulation;
  • Steam boiler plant scheme;
  • Operational control of steam boilers;
  • Etc.

Design of hull-burning boiler plants must take into account the requirements to the location of ash removal systems, fuel feed systems, automation and gas cleaning systems. The power capacity of the boiler plant may amount to 50 MW. Seed hulls are burnt in steam boilers. Ready-to-burn hulls are fed into the fuel bin of a boiler. Then, the lock feeder transfers the hulls to the ejector and swirl chamber. After the fuel burns, the thermal energy of the vent gases heats the convection surfaces of the boiler.

Peat-burning boiler plants are very practical for those industrial enterprises that are located close to peat deposits. Peat can be supplied as briquettes or fragmented peat that is further burned in boilers. The temperature of the heat carrying agent in the peat boiler may amount to 115°C. One ton of peat can be equivalent to 1.5 ton of brown coal.

Waste-burning boiler plants are demanded by woodworking enterprises. Boilers that burn sawdust, mill cake and wood shavings can operate at 86% efficiency. The boiler plants of this type are good for waste disposal and heat generation. Design of boiler plants burning wood chips, sawdust and wood shavings is carried out after the required approval documentation has been issued.

Coal-burning boiler plants can be located in off-gas regions. The efficiency is estimated at about 84%. Design of coal-burning boiler plants is carried out before the permanent structures housing the Design of biofuel-burning boiler plants is demanded by enterprises owners who are planning to cut their financial expenses and reduce air pollution. Please contact our managers by phone or e-mail to obtain additional technical and commercial information. Alternatively, you can use the feedback form below.

The Turbopar Design Institute has extensive experience of design steam-based boiler plants of various capacity. We have completed several projects in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Georgia. The design cost is calculated on an individual basis and depends on the customer’s requirements.



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