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Design of steam turbines for thermal power plants

We design steam turbines and turbine generator units of 2-200 MW capacity.

Steam turbines are a key element of modern thermal power plants used for heat and electricity generation. Design of a steam turbine makes it possible to select and enable optimum power, thermal load, heat consumption. 

Whenever a manufacturer decides to make a sophisticated technical equipment, they need to develop Technical Specification (TS) and Safety Assessment. They also undergo a procedure of obtaining the Customs Union Declaration of Conformity by technical regulation 010/2011 “Machinery and equipment”. These documents contain the required parameters and calculations and demonstrate the engineering level of a ready-mounted steam turbine as well as its safety for further industrial use.

When choosing a steam turbine to be designed, the engineer takes into account such factors as nominal and maximum capacity, thermal load, speed of rotation, pressure, temperature, specific heat rate of a turbine. The engineers also carefully study the industrial conditions for which the steam turbine is designed to operate.

All these factors serve as a basis for development of a layout and configuration of a steam turbine.


Project example: steam turbine at Agrosnabsakhar LLC, Elets

We can design steam turbines for thermal power plants of various types:

  • condensing and back pressure turbines;
  • cogeneration turbines;
  • extraction turbines.

Why professional design engineers?

  • Vast experience of steam turbine design
  • Highly-competent experts with hands-on experience of CHP and TPP plant operation
  • Reliable suppliers

We possess extensive experience of designing steam turbines of various capacity. The design cost depends on the scope of work and deadlines and is calculated on an individual basis with due regard to the customer’s requirements. Our company cooperates with certified steam turbine manufacturers. We guarantee safety of the equipment to be installed at your industrial enterprise. Our design projects require shortest time but have first-class quality.

Visualization of a steam turbine

The design project of a steam turbine takes into account the automated operation mode of thermal power plants, so minimum operator’s control is required during the turbine operation. The design project also includes automatic process control system of the turbine, its protection project, turbine foundation, an oil supply station project, etc.

Objectives of design of thermal power plants equipped with steam turbine

  • Load summary, development of a process flow diagram;
  • Generation of electric power
  • Reduction of fuel consumption;
  • Safe start and shutdown of thermal power plant;
  • Minimization of the “human factor” in case of emergency situations.
Steps to order a steam turbine design project:
  • Fill in our online questionnaire form;
  • Contact our manager;
  • Provide technical design specification;
  • Conclude a contract for design services



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