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Design of automated process control systems for a power plant, integrated automation

During the reconstruction of existing and construction of new power plants, special attention is paid to the automated process control system of thermal power plants. If earlier a push-button panel was used on the control panel to maintain the technological mode, now modern controllers, devices, regulators, servers, etc. are used.

Why do you need a process control system at a power plant?

Power plant automation allows:

  • Manage the technological process in automatic mode.
  • Warn process personnel about deviation from the mode using warning alarms.
  • Prevent accidents with protection and alarms.
  • Archive all parameters for the entire life of the equipment.
  • Reduce the risk of human factor impact.
  • Maintain economy mode.
  • Perform operational switching.
проектирование АСУ ТП ТЭЦ
проектирование АСУ ТП ТЭЦ

CHP automation consists of three levels:

  1. Lower level (field). Sensors, valves, regulators and other actuators are installed here.
  2. Average level. At this level, there are controllers, I / O modules, intrinsically safe barriers, application servers. This equipment collects information from sensors, controls the technological process, and allows operating personnel to make adjustments.
  3. Top level. Operator stations, engineering stations, archive servers are installed on the upper level. Through AWS (automated working hours) the technological process, design of automated process control systems, changing the map of settings, displaying graphs (trends), etc. are carried out.

Where to order the design of process control systems

Our design institute designs complex automation (APCS). Complex work includes the development of project documentation, drafting, selection of measuring instruments and other equipment, programming of controllers and servers.

CHP automation: design

This stage is one of the most time-consuming when drafting a new CHP plant or reconstructing an existing facility. At the first stage, there is a development of the project, documentation, estimates.

To complete the design of the CHP, it is necessary to pass the state examination. This is a complex and time-consuming process, for which our specialists will help prepare.

Together with the customer, the operating conditions of the main and auxiliary equipment are determined. Based on the data obtained, a technical task is drawn up.

The next stage is the development of project documentation. It includes the development and selection of all automation tools for a particular process. Then comes the development of working documentation. Schematic and electrical diagrams, wiring diagrams, tables with the type and quantity of equipment, selection and configuration of software are being developed.

Then the project is implemented, commissioning is carried out and the facility is put into operation.



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