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2D (CAD) drawings into a 3D BIM model. CAD – BIM, DWG - RVT

Our organization has been providing quality services related to the digitization of drawings for several years. It is intended to use as a basis drawings of the customer or the results obtained during laser scanning.

The result of the work of our specialists is a 3D model of a specific object, completely ready for use for its intended purpose, with coordination, checking for collisions. The prepared model can be analyzed or immediately applied to the construction of buildings.

Digitization of drawings: features, services provided

When contacting our organization, the customer can provide schemes on paper or in electronic form. They may include only physical geometry. The use of specialized programs gives our specialists the opportunity to translate information from diagrams into a three-dimensional model. After that, we can report the detected shortcomings, highlight inconsistencies for analysis, and make adjustments.

Implementation example: Energy center for electricity and heat supply, roof plan

проектирование АСУ ТП ТЭЦ
проектирование АСУ ТП ТЭЦ

File conversion is carried out by us with maximum efficiency. At the same time, the model gives the customer the opportunity to fully appreciate the advantages of inform. modeling. Due to this, construction becomes fully manageable.

How specialists work

To achieve a favorable result, the transformation associated with the creation of the model is carried out. It is supposed to create a 3D BIM model and, if necessary, digitize CAD - BIM, DWG - RVT. Specialists carry out the transformation:

  • PDF to BIM
  • PDF to Revit 3D
  • CAD to BIM
  • CAD to Revit 3D
  • DWG to BIM
  • DWG to Revit 3D
  • DWG to IFC
  • TIFF to BIM
  • TIFF to Revit 3D

We create a model that is suitable for the formation of architectural, fire protection, and other components. The exposition collects data obtained during the study of the original drawing. To collect them, scanning is used, which is a procedure that involves the use of a special three-dimensional technology. With its use, the environment is captured, and the obtained information, which is called the piont cloud, is converted into a BIM 3D model.

Implementation example: Digitization of the Energy Center in 3D in the Revit environment

оцифровка чертежей

Clients who previously contacted our organization to order the digitization of a project or drawing appreciated the following positive aspects:

  1. Compliance with established deadlines. It is provided due to many years of practical experience of specialists working in our organization. It is he who allows you to accurately determine the scope of the project and correctly plan the workflow.
  2. Informing the client on a regular basis. At the beginning of cooperation, a personal manager is assigned to each customer, who is always in touch and ready to advise the client on all issues.
  3. Making changes as needed. We take into account the preferences of the customer as much as possible, so we are ready to make any additions and adjustments with maximum efficiency and efficiency.

To order the digitization of a drawing or project, you can send an application on the website or call the phone number indicated on the main page. In any case, the customer will be able to preliminarily discuss the nuances of the provision of services, as well as obtain information about the current prices.



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