Адаптация иностранных проектов

We provide adaptation foreign AutoCAD and Revit design engineering projects on Russian and BY markets

Are you an English speaking Company that start to develop Belorussian/Russian market in industry, construction and energy power?

Russia/Belarus markets

We carry out the adaptation of foreign design engineering projects for implementation on Russia/Belarus markets with the approving of local state expertise finally.

We adopt design engineering and mechanical engineering projects from English to Russian language according to local standards.

Presented technical decisions in foreign projects may not comply with the requirements of local technical regulations; therefore, it is necessary to adapt them to the requirements of the country where the construction site is located.

Examples of adaptation to local standards

Some foreign projects, which adopted by our company in Belarus:

  • Dorogobuzh paper mill (Chinese Company), (link prom-projekt.ru/новости-компании/адаптация-китайского-проекта-нормам-рб)
  • Turov Dairy Plant (adaptation Italian technology),
  • Gomel Dairy Plant (adaptation of WWT technology with biogas production, German technology of waste water treatment from VOITH Papier)
  • Cargill (USA)
  • Kronospan


Adaptation of a foreign project involves the following stages:

  1. First stage - to translate all documents from English to Russian or vice versa (text on the drawings and in the accompanying materials);
  2. After we should study the solutions proposed by foreign developers on the effectiveness and compare with local regulatory documents;
  3. We make some changes in technical documentation according local rules. Your technical decisions will comply with the requirements, standards and regulations adopted in the country where the construction site is located (Belarus/Russia).

  4. In some case, we can adjust the entire submitted project and develop additional sections of the project.

  5. Examination of project documentation.
  6. Preparation all documents for passing the state official examination (state official expertise).
  7. Obtaining a positive conclusion of the State Expertise (obtaining a building permit).
  8. Designer supervision of the subsequent construction or reconstruction of the object.

You will get the full package of services in adapting your Autocad or Revit project

  • Correction of architectural layouts according to Russian/Belorussian norms, fire risks requirements etc
  • MEP model checking according to the local legislations
  • Structural design model
  • Approval of the proposed brands of equipment, certificates, proposal of alternative solutions
  • Approval of MEP solutions taking into account interior design
  • Location of equipment taking into account architectural requirements
  • We will lead foreign designers in Russian/Belorussian as well as abroad
  • Weekly reports using Skype, Citriх
  • Weekly you will get a table-report: tasks, deadlines and stage of readiness are indicated