Energy design engineering

  • Boiler plants (steam and water-heating);
  • Power plants;
  • Biomass, renewable, biogas, landfill gas;
  • Steam and gas turbines;
  • Control & Automation design;
  • Electric boilers etc.

The design of oil-extraction plants (general designing of creameries)

The design of objects included in the oil-extraction plants:

  • Design of oil press shops;
  • Shops of extraction;
  • Offices of meal granulation;
  • Warehouses of meal;
  • Shops of refining;
  • Workshops of bottling;
  • Warehouses of raw materials;
  • Warehouses of products, etc.

The design of dairy and meat processing plants (general designing of dairy and meat processing plants)

Designing of objects included in the dairy and meat processing plants:

  • Design of dairy farms;
  • Industrial buildings;
  • Administrative and residential complexes;
  • Checkpoints;
  • Disinfection barriers;
  • Treatment facilities;
  • Cooling towers;
  • Sewage pumping stations, etc.

The design of military objects, military ‘towns’

The design of military-industrial complex:

  • Design of canteens;
  • Sports and recreation complexes;
  • Barracks;
  • Administrative and residential complexes;
  • Warehouses;
  • Garages;
  • Checkpoints, etc
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